AFGHAN JAMS -pre-order-

label:CITY FLY (UK)

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A1. Return
A2. Slick (Feat. Mark Hand)
A3. Troia
B1. WeBothKnow (NY*AK & Ian Blevins)
B2. Afghan Jam (NY*MH Live Feat. Mark Hand)

City Fly return for their 15th release, backed by serious muscle in the form of NY*AK, and fellow contributors Ian Blevins and Mark Hand, who make up the stomping and spectacular Afghan Jams EP. Starting strong is °∆Return°«, with a relentless dub techno energy, graced later by soft vocals and euphoric violin strings making for an epic dancefloor anthem. °∆Slick°«, with Mark Hand, veers off into a loose, crackly acid trip. It°«s followed by °∆Troia°«, rounding off side A with an all-out party of flutes and keys over one infectious ecosystem of drums. Then, on side B, °∆We Both Know°« comes through; NY*AK°«s eye-catching, sample-heavy jam with Ian Blevins with an eerie bassline. And the EP concludes with title track °∆Afghan Jam°«, featuring Mark Hand – a special groove captured mid-session. Something a house head can easily get lost in.

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