label:MR.BONGO (UK)


A Strobelite Honey (Maybe We Did Mix)
B Strobelite Honey (The Original))

Black Sheep – and their 1991 °∆A Wolf in Sheep°«s Clothing°« album - were definitely an outlier in the Native Tongues fold. They were raunchier and more playful than their peers which, given that those peers were A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Jungle Brothers, is really saying something. °∆Strobelite Honey°« catches that difference perfectly, leaning heavily on a pair of 1980 disco samples rather than the jazz of their brethren, and taking a somewhat less chivalrous approach to women. °∆Strobelite°«s slender but fun narrative sees rapper Dres up in the club and fooled by the lights – approaching a girl he likes the look off but backing off when they reveal she°«s not what he expected. Charmed, we°«re sure. Dres and his partner Mr. Lawnge were always willing to push boundaries, and that extends to the often confusing labelling of the various remixes of this choice single. 12°…s dropped with the °∆No We Didn°«t Mix°«, °∆Yes We Did Mix°« and °∆Maybe We Did Mix°« (not to mention a separate 12°… of House mixes). The last and best of these accompanied the original version on the now-rare 1991 7°…, as it does here. The °∆Maybe We Did Mix°« adds urgent horns - almost like the buzzing of a bee - and a new beat to completely reconfigure the sound into something much more of its era. It°«s a reminder of when remixes were about much more than the same beat with different rappers.

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