1.Tulsa Song 04:34
2.Sweetness 04:18
3.The Dream 04:15
4.Say Yeah 03:49
5.Cats Meow 03:51
6.School Dance 02:18
7.Amazing 04:56
8.Never 06:49
9.Dance Tonight 04:42
10.Genesis 05:13

"Unbroken Dreams of Light" V/A Blueberry Records 2020 Side A;Who is Glen Faba? Hint: I could tell you but then I'd have to undo it. Arable sounds like philip glass if he took some K. Ruby Rod, a track which made the rounds in my live set for 3 years. I'd open with it in front of bands and everyone would take about 7 steps backward from the stage. '5' Todd Osborn sent me a zip of music after my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. I got the complete Blue Note recordings and a collab with Luke Vibert. Here it is. Side B;UC is deadly with the 12" versions. Track comes with cool techno sound effects as well. Horsepower Productions deliver a super rare hardcore artifact from their archives! Side C; Cousin Cockroach on Blueberry!!! You already know. Spurge - a total delight to know and watch out for more from this young beat scientist. Tune is called Deadass. XGLARE - Jessee kills it, check her Morph EP on Blueberry - the balance between light and darkness in her sounds astound. Dasychira is slowly turning into a preying mantis and this is what that sounds like. Pretty much exactly. Bénédicte has been busy crafting away at their debut EP for Blueberry, I can't wait for you all to hear it. Softillusion is a dreamy warm blanket. Side D; µ-Ziq on BBR, another dream. We are coming full circle here for this IDM fanboy's wildest dreams. Brrd - I had to straight up jack this 2 minute section from a beat mix that Stewart sent me a few years ago. You can master from an MP3 folks! Focus Group 2. Meet my piano. Her name is Olympia, and my friend Margot named her. The Other Functions - my friends no wave alias is better then yours. Tenant - the rent is still to damn high. Peak acid programming here.

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