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A1: Habano 10:56
B1: The Definition 8:24
B2: NiteFlyte (Jessie's Journey) 8:23

The first instalment of the Forbidden Dance label is an organic brew of musicianship supervised by one of the Chicago deep house scene pillars - Vick Lavender. Three warm cuts are tinted with a jam feel showing Lavenders well-known ability to gather a different kind of music players and vocalists resulting in a soulful sections that are cleverly breaking the usual and linear electronic music mould. That's pretty obvious on 'Habanos', the opener track which fluently combines multi-layers of piano and synth sections in contrast to tribal rhythmics and flowy marimba background. With Yvette Magallon pouring pure honey with vocal inserts it's a never-stopping dance of the soul elements. Lavender manages to keep the same feel on the B side as well, with 'The Definition' track going off a bit more subtle but at the same time showing a funky edge with a playful bassline. Reverbed percussive lushness and diverse synth teasers are tinting the track with a summer night breeze, something your hips would move to. 'NiteFlye Jessie's Journey' is a closing track and a slow-burner riddled with spacey explorations of the keyboard. It gives almost 80's like feel beautifully integrating subtle synth envelopes and even marimba bits. A perfect deep rounder of this musically rich release. Hats off Mr Lavender!

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