label:SKYLAX (FR)


A1-R.O.P presents Love Island-Feel Me
A2-R.O.P presents Love Island-Illusion
B1-R.O.P presents Love Island-I feel now
B2-R.O.P presents Love Island-Desiderio Latino (Flute mix)

Skylax records is proud to welcome again Michele Lamacchia better known as rhythm of paradise ! Remember we were the first to sign him way before as Love island, though his tracks came out in 2017, he's also featuring on the wonderful Skylax house explosion compilation by DJ Sprinkles & Hardrock Striker (both on cd & vinyl). He's very good at creating productions that are both airy & lush. This magic was already present in the love island titles but this time he's pushing his art to new heights. a subtle and intriguing mixture of Italian dreamy house that will delight both fans of the purest house but also those whose scrolls of Romanian raresh bewitch. It's clearly another piece of art to add to your skylax records collection. Future classic. ! "Following summer stunner 'Pleasure Zone' on Cosmic Rhythm, house purist R.O.P makes his debut on Hardrock Striker's Skylax with four more timeless gems. 'Feel Me' lights the torch with a vibe that swims between Innervisions lushness and Trax toughness before the title track 'Illusion' hits with big Frankie Knuckle feels, all swooping chords and twinkling toplines. Flip for more foundation soul as 'I Feel Now' swings and sways on jazzy chords and 808 drums before a cover of Rubik's cult euro house 'Desiderio Latino' sends us off to the another dreamy level. Paradise." J

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