label:KAJUNGA (US)


A1 Calling Card 8:10
A2 A New Day 7:14
B1 Five A.M, 6:50
B2 A New Day (Private Guy Remix) 6:51

'Premisession' is a homage to the pivotal but now defunct Minneapolis warehouse venue "Premises," of which Craig Lambert aka Midnight Music Club founded, and where Kajunga hosted their first ever all night party. The EP showcases MMC's hardware fluency with a lavish cruise through mesmerizing grooves and pronounced warmth. Calling Card creates a welcome invitation to the record with sensual synth lines, paired with the drive of undulating tom rhythms. A New Day evokes the feeling of an acid soiree. Rich emotion and improvisational elegance resonate throughout the track. Five A.M. starts the B-side off with spring-time air; blooming into a Sunday morning daydream. Private Guy seals the deal by providing a more moody take on A New Day, with melodies weaving through playful percussion.

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