label:APOLLO (EU)


A1 Calypso 5:54
A2 Bellamore 4:29
A3 Nefertiti 6:10
A4 If 4:28
B1 Anemone 4:04
B2 Khalifa Golf Club 6:11
B3 Mayo Slide 4:27
B4 Susan Maybe 7:44
C1 Amaranta 4:08
C2 Caroline 5:40
C3 How To Disappear In A Kiss 7:01
C4 Cry Winds Or Flames 4:13
D1 Enter Venus 4:20
D2 On Demons & Diamonds 7:07
D3 The Water Sibyl 7:40
D4 Your Name Is My Infinite 3:02

Apollo Records present a masterpiece of ambience and beyond – Calypso – the stunning new album by Venetian maestro Gigi Masin. The LP is inspired by the mythical Greek island of Ogygia and its alleged real life counterpart Gavdos – also known unofficially as Calypso – a place of extreme beauty, which upon visiting had a profound effect on the musician. Gavdos gives you profound sensations in every corner, as here you can find enchantment, mystery, the getting lost to forget, to erase and drown the memories in a light and salty water. A place new and ancient, between cedars that have seen exiles, pestilences, blood and desperation, isolation and abandonment, its the absolute of a life that every heart in love seeks, desperately, in the arms of Calypso, divine among the goddesses. An infinite love, and the infinite horizon of our dreams, says Masin, eloquently. The aqueous and sky-filled vistas of his native Venice are deeply intrinsic, but the best and simplest way to describe Calypsos sound might simply be Aegean, as every track takes you directly and vividly there – to timeless Greek beauty, glistening seas, picturesque landscapes and the suns bright, balmy heat. But, much more than just pleasant dapples of twinkling of audio balm, Calypso is music of the gods, goddesses and heroes, subliminally capturing all the celestial beauty, awe, romance and adventure of an epic saga. Calypso marks a new phase in Masin's musical evolution after re-releases and retrospectives on the Music From Memory label and new releases with the Gaussian Curve trio alongside Jonny Nash and Young Marco. Aptly released on Apollo, Masin joins a label who count other classics like Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92, plus Biospheres Microgravity and Patashnik in its catalogue. Climbing in incremental steps to the pantheons summit, Masin now is close to reaching his rightful place alongside giants like Brian Eno, Laurie Spiegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tangerine Dream and Midori Takada.

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