label:CLAREMONT 56(UK)


A –Jack Cutter Serpent Strut (40 Thieves Mix Parts 1 & 2)
B –Almunia Views From A Blue Train (On Air Dub By Leo Mas & Fabrice)

LTD 250 COPIES ! Fresh from offering up a °»Claremont Editions°… compilation packed with previously unheard gems, Claremont 56 has taken another rummage through the archives and delivered a 12°… single containing magical revisions of back catalogue favourites. On the A-side long-term friends of the family 40 Thieves offer up an epic new treatment of Jack Cutter°«s °»Serpent Strut°…, a gently psychedelic fusion of glistening acoustic guitars, hazy slow-burn grooves and David Harks vocals that the California-based duo produced for Claremont 56 back in 2015. The San Francisco duo has rebuilt the track from the ground up, delivering a 10-minute take that opens with three minutes of blissful acoustic guitar and atmospheric field recordings before morphing into a spacey dub disco chugger rich in intergalactic electronics, eyes-closed electric guitar solos, hazy bass, drowsy chords and echo-laden snippets of Harks°« vocal. It°«s a breathtaking revision that takes the beautifully understated original version in a feverish, mind mangling new directions. When you°«ve got your breath back, head over to side B where a previous single by psychedelic disco-nauts Almunia is given the remix treatment by fellow Italians Leo Mas and Fabrice, a production partnership that has been active since the original Balearic era. They°«re experienced remixers and in the past have put their stamp on tracks by Roisin Murphy, Dj Rocca, the Woodentops, Underground System and Ruf Dug. Here they offer up a deliciously trippy Balearic dub revision of °»Pulsar°… album favorite °»View From a Blue Train°…. Their spaced out °»On Air Dub°… brilliantly breaks up the beats, emphasizes the original°«s superb bassline and smothers select snippets of guitar, synthesizer and electric piano in Lee °»Scratch°… Perry levels of delay. It°«s an inspired revision, all told, and as out-there and intergalactic as a shuttle ride to Jupiter in the company of DJ Harvey, Dennis Bovell and Adrian Sherwood.

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