A1. Starting Today ft. Ras Asheber
A2. Almost Went Too Far
A3. Mollison Dub
B1. London”Ēs Face ft. Oscar Jerome
B2. Ragify ft. Big Sharer
B3. Outro (Fornow)

This debut album, by prodigious keys player, composer and producer Joe Armon-Jones, is buoyant, celebratory and welcoming. With a background in jazz, he draws from influences in dub, hip-hop and soul. Different traditions are infused and commingled together. Soulful brass arrangements are coloured with carefully-tuned atmospherics; individual flashes of brilliance are bound into the album”Ēs bigger picture. He”Ēs part of London”Ēs young, jazz-influenced music scene. Drawn from that same close-knit circle, the album features the likes of Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia and Oscar Jerome. It”Ēs playing with those – along with Ezra Collective, which he co-founded, and touring with the likes of Ata Kak and Pharoahe Monch – which has honed his playing and grown his ideas. It”Ēs made for a record with an unmistakable depth. He draws on deep musical understanding, making music which is warm and has a feeling of joy. A document of his vision for bringing together his different influences, it”Ēs also a testament to hard-earned, head- turning musical virtuosity.

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