Crosstown Rebels




A1. Layer Part 2 (Original Version )
B1. Layer Part 2 (Club Version )
B2. New Dimension (Original CD Version)

The Long-Awaited second installment of the layer series by Eqwel and Jeff Thompson is to soon come. The first release and all releases that are part of this series is always minimally processed, using minimal compression with higher sample rates and etc. The prime side (side A)has been cut with Eqwel's original version, which carries on his style of artistic creativity. The track is layed with hard rhythm'd kicks with illustrious soundscapes incorporating sticky basslines. On the flipside, track one is Eqwel's answer to a club banging version of the original creation.This track starts hard and ends hard, but the events that happen in between is beautiful and up-lifting! This is definitely a banger for the clubs, that can be incorporated at the peakest of your sets. The final track has been taken from his " Audio Telemetry " EP:CD. As always, these tracks are recommended to test and push your sound system.

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