artist:DANIEL WANG presents S.D.A.P




A1 Don't Go Lose This (Main)
B1 Don't Go Lose This (Dub)

DONT GO LOSE THIS! Lose what? Disco heaven? Techno utopia? Our fantasy of a global dancefloor where all tribes come together? Unease creeps over me every time I see the image of today's DJs offered on social media. Festivals whose lineups look like a stack of labels at a shopping mall, the same 500 robots bobbing their heads in every live stream, the rigid drone of cut & paste, beardy bros and tacky influencers buying likes + views + careers produced by others in the shadows. Identity politics signalling diversity, but delivering only auditory monotony. It feels a lot like the TV news - you never know who or what is real these days. Anybody can do this, right? Its no coincidence that most events now resemble populist rallies of certain politicians. Thousands stare in one direction, raise their arms and scream on cue at the sound of nothing happening. Whats the message? Are the masses always right? Who needs dictators when the so-called party has become a ubiquitous loop of conformity and commodification? Who still cares about sharing a real dancefloor with other humans which you can meet again? Some of us, maybe, somewhere. No branding, no selfies - this world isn't worth living in if people cant feel free for a moment, just for the joy of it and the spirit inside.

Dont go lose this dream, baby.

Yours truly, Danny the Dancer

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