Reel One:
1:Tape Rewind
2: Planet Zemi
3: Eyes of Love
4: Going to Keep
5: Morning There
6: Sunday Come
7: Debo Toto
8: Trains is a running
9: By little
10: Dance Wala
11: Keep to it
12: Go I Do

Reel Two:
1:Tape Forward
2: Come with Me
3: Fault Double
4: Earth Life
5: Look Up to Me
6: Joyful Tears
7: Blade & Razors
8: Desi Afro
9: Note Key
10: Disco Space
11: Power Funky
12: EL
13: Burned Energy

Finally coming some time September 2019 will be PT 2 of Joaquin Joe Clausell’s hugely popular Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Series. Released first back in? Living in a time where CD sales are stagnant, to say the least, The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs series continues to defy all odds by exceeding above all expectations and then some. Similar to PT One, both CD’s are Jammed packed with an array of different styles of music. And as usual, host jams that are mostly under the radar; Both CD’s also feature genres touching on everything from Cosmic Jazz, Soul, Funk Punk, Soulful Disco, Psychedelic Rock and more. In keeping true to the concept-all tunes have been tastefully edited with the aim of respecting the original composition. Included with package is a very limited 7” vinyl. The record will have 2 Jams on it that are not included on the CD. Closely following will be other limited 7” Vinyl’s. Get them while they last. And Finally coming in the nearest future will be a 3 X 12inch package that will feature long versions of selected tracks from the CD, as well as cuts that will not be on any of the before mentioned formats.

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