label:BE WITH (UK)


A Here's To You 5:21
B You Got Me Up 5:07

* Format Notes: 2019 re-issue, 140g vinyl, 45 RPM * The word masterpiece gets bandied about a lot. Not least by us. But here is a release that truly befits such a lofty title. In 1980, Randy Muller°«s Skyy dropped the monumental °»Here°«s To You°…, comfortably one of the greatest dance singles of all time. Released on Salsoul, °»Here°«s To You°… is now exceptionally hard to find in its original form. On this special Be With double-header, we present the sought-after 12" mix and back it up with the strutting °»You Got Me Up°…, which has never been on a 12" before. Naturally, both are cut loud and bumping for devastating dance floor power. A sure-fire classic of the NYC club scene and a true block party rocker, °»Here°«s To You°… beautifully combines sweeping synth-strings, loose cymbal hits and swaggering lyrics delivered with enviable style. But the real hero is *that* bassline. Oh, wait, no, actually, it°«s *that* synth refrain halfway through. Harnessing the Oberheim Matrix 12 to emulate a horn section has provided goosebumps on discerning dance floors ever since. As Muller expressed in his 2007 Red Bull Music Academy lecture, °»It°«s a very special record, it°«s positive and has that spontaneous, life-giving spirit in the groove. Everything locks, just pure chemistry.°… Like we said, it°«s a masterpiece. If that wasn°«t enough, over on the B-side is °»You Got Me Up°…, a real hidden gem from Skyy°«s Skyway LP. Also released in 1980, the track is a wonderful showcase of the group°«s airtight rhythm section and Muller°«s uncanny ear for a groove and a melody.


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