Crosstown Rebels




A1 A1 06:38
A2 N1 07:23
A3 N2 05:53
B1 A2 Ft Loa Myst & Nu Fvnk 07:28
B2 A2 Ft Loa Myst & Nu Fvnk (El Buho Remix) 06:54
B3 A1 (Sooma Remix) 07:26

The fourth vinyl release from Banana Hill comes from Kenyan producer Jinku, with the deeply personal 'Vagabond' EP. With nods to UK electronica but distinctly representative of a new generation of East African producers, the EP is laced with tension, discordant sound layers and African polyrhythms. Vagabond’s remixes come from El Búho and Sooma, both purveyors of polyrhythmic multicultural music. El Búho’s remix of A2 brings his Latin American music rhythms warping and twisting Loa Myst’s vocal around accordion stabs and a constantly bouncing bass. Sooma’s remix of A1 leans towards her house roots, layering complex polyrhythms, creating a hypnotic groove, majestically tied to a hypnotic tribal call.

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