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A HIdden Port
B The Kings Tun


Over the years, Claremont 56 has played host to some memorable collaborative projects, most notably Bison, an unlikely super-group whose members included Holgar Czukay, Ursula Kloss, Liquid Liquid°«s Sal Principato, Ben Smith and label boss Paul °∆Mudd°« Murphy. Now Murphy is at the helm of another collaborative outfit, Hillside, whose seductive debut single contains two deliciously pie eyed instrumental workouts. Hillside is very much a family affair, with Murphy joining forces with two old friends: bassist/guitarist Alex Searle and percussionist Patrick Dawes. The trio has a collaborative history that stretches right back to Murphy°«s time in Akwaaba in the mid nineties. For their debut outing, Hillside has also welcomed a very special guest musician: award-winning jazz violinist and long-time Bert Jasch collaborator Mike Piggott. As opening gambits go, °»Hidden Port°… is an emphatic statement of intent. The audio equivalent of sailing slowly around a cluster of sun-baked islands in search of shelter from an approaching storm, the track sees Searle wrap bluesy, Peter Green style guitar passages around a shuffling, Latin-tinged groove rich in Dawes°« distinctive percussion patterns and Murphy°«s languid electric piano and synthesizer lines. As the track progresses, Piggott steps up to make his mark, with his undulating electric violin lines complimenting Hillside°«s impeccable instrumentation while adding extra emotional weight to proceedings. It°«s a stunning beginning to the Hillside story. Piggott also makes a big impression on accompanying cut °»The King°«s Tun°…, delivering fluid and energy-packed solos that weave in and out of a bright and breezy instrumental track rich in jangling acoustic guitars, subtly spacey electronics, fireside-warm bass and more sparse-but-intricate percussion courtesy of the effervescent Dawes. Searle°«s eyes-closed, rock style guitar solos cap another memorable excursion from Claremont 56°«s latest in-house band.

A HIdden Port

B The Kings Tun
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