Athens of the North

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label:NU GROOVE (US)


A1. Rush Hour
A2. Brownstone Express
B1. Straphanger
B2. Turnstyle Turbulance


Metro aka Rheji Burrell in full 1990 NYC deep House mode here with 4 tracks of sublime subway inspired grooves. A classic EP from the brothers vast catalog of releases. On side A "Rush Hour" kicks off the EP, all tough snare drums, acidic lines and occasional flutes mimicking the chaos of travelling underground at peak time with a healthy dose of that Burrell swing thrown in for good measure. "Brownstone Express" follows and takes things down a notch or 2 into almost sub aquatic territory with it's glacial synth lines and rolling drum machines, a welcome oasis of calm. On side B we have the no-nonsense beat of "Straphanger", another stripped back acid excursion punctuated with epic string stabs and Rheji's breathy, sexy spoken word vocals in the mix. Finishing the EP is "Turnstyle Turbulence" a sparse, rhythmic piano driven cut with a rolling bass-line, the perfect way to end our journey through Rheji's subterranean transport network! Yet another essential release from the Burrell back catalog, re-mastered and re-pressed here for 2015 with all original label artwork intact. Brought to you in full conjunction with the Burrrell brothers.
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