artist:NANA LOVE


label:BBE (UK)


LP Tracklisting:
A1. I’m In Love
B1. We Gonna Stay For The Party
B2. Talking About Music
B3. Disco Lover
B4. Sahara / Chains Of Love
C1. Hang On Baby
C2. When The Heart Decides
D1. Reach Out My Hand
D2. Loving Feeling(Dance Mix)
D3. Loving Feeling(Instrumental)

CD Tracklisting
1. I’m In Love
2. We Gonna Stay For The Party
3. Talking About Music
4. Disco Lover
5. Sahara / Chains Of Love
6. Hang On Baby
7. When The Heart Decides
8. Reach Out My Hand
9. Loving Feeling (Dance Mix)
10. Loving Feeling (Instrumental)


Pure Ghanaian gold, Disco Documentary: Full Of Funk was a rare private press released in 1979 never to be released again... Until now. Dusting off the long lost tapes with due care and attention, BBE have kindly reminded us that disco had much wider impact than the US and Europe. Nana Love's slightly nasal tones are instantly alluring, but it's the clam-tight musicianship that really bites. Big Bernard Edwards bass, shiny guitar twangs, extensive organ noodling and vibrant Afrofunk horns galore, this is a truly stunning document.
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