label:DELSIN (EU)


a1.Conforce - Depth Over Distance
a2.Conforce - Plateau
b1.Conforce - Rendez-Vous
b2.Conforce - Closer


One of the most busy and consistently excellent producers in all of electronic music is Boris Bunnik, and now he is back under his most loved alias, Conforce, on his most regular home, Delsin. As well as releasing as Versalife, Hexagon and many other monikers, the Dutchman is best known for his serious deep and underwater tracks that are part dub, part ambient and part techno. Opening up this new EP is title track 'Depth Over Distance'. Driven by buried deep kick drums, up top are thin lead lines that leave trails like beams of light as ticking percussion and more widescreen synths flesh out the airwaves. 'Plateau' is less spacious and has more detail in its midst including clacking hits which reverb off into the distance, supple and subtle bass notes and a general sense of aqueous fluidity all characterise this brain soothing bit of music. On the flip, 'Rendez-Vous' is more directed at the dancefloor with big drums, cold and edgy chords and gentle acid lashings. It's vast in size and scale once more, and drives along with a sense of muted menace. Finally, 'Closer' is another airy and cavernous bit of ambient music that is sombre and serious. Swathes of echo and reverb make for an immersive, underwater soundscape once again and close out the EP in devastatingly emotive style.
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