1. This Is Imaginary - P'taah
2. Touched The Sky - Dennis Ferrer ft. Mia Tuttavilla (Louie Vega Re- Work)
3. Touched The Sky - Dennis Ferrer ft. Mia Tuttavilla (TOT Liar King Mix)
4. Inhale - Mood II Swing
5. Far Away - Kimara Lovelace (Distant Music Dub)
6. Vega 1 - Louie Vega
7. Where The Music Takes You - Ananda Project (Teddy Douglas Re-Edit: Pastaboys Main)
8. P 2 Da J - Dennis Ferrer
9. Stargazer - K-Scope
10. Transitions - Dennis Ferrer
11. De Ja Vu - Jon Cutler & DJ Romain ft. Jeannie Hopper (Roots Main Mix)
12. Dance Until We Die - P'taah ft. Tiombe Lockhart (Kenny Dope Remix)
13. Faith Healer - K-Scope
14. Vega 2 - Louie Vega
15. Have A Good Time - DJ Roland Clark (5 Beats Mute Pass)
16. The Real Thing - Frankie Feliciano (Ricanstruction Mix)
17. The More You Want - Groove Box (Joe's Dance Tracks Mix)
18. Changed My Life - Chieko Kinbara ft. Sharon Adams,Lisa Mack (Code Red Dub)
19. Found Him - Studio Apartment ft. Monique Bingham (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 6:23 Dub)
20. Goodbye Love - DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul (Alix Alvarez SC Fly Dub)
21. Mongobonix - Harry Choo Choo Romero (From Beneath The Earth's Crust)
22. Vega 3 - Louie Vega
23. Gypsyman - Dazzle Drums
24. Seasons Of Love - Blaze (Blaze Club Mix)
25. Delight Earth - Trans Of Life (TOL Original Mix)

1. Give It Up - Rain / a Lil Louis Painting (MAW Club)
2. Cassio's Theme - Groove Box
3. Lovery - Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Remix)
4. Hold On - 95north ft. Sabrynaah Pope (Louie's MAW Club)
5. Touched The Sky - Dennis Ferrer ft. Mia Tuttavilla (Louie Vega Re-work)
6. Vega 3 - Louie Vega
7. Here With My Best Friend - Stephanie Cooke (Dance Ritual Mix)
8. Latin Ritual - Groove Box (Louie's Dance Ritual Mix)
9. Breaking Down - Ananda Project (Louie's Revival Mix)
10. The More You Want - Groove Box (MAW Flava Mix)
11. Souffles H - Mondo Grosso (King Street Club Mix)


King Street Sounds celebrates its double decade-long love of House Music with one of its foremost heroes, Louie Vega. A milestone for both as Louie Vega won 2 Grammy Awards, been part of one of the most influential House Music production teams, namely Masters At Work, launched such monumental and groundbreaking projects like Nuyorican Soul and Elements of Life, release significant productions on his Vega Records, tour with his beautiful wife, performer and DJ Anane, as well as to this day, continuing to wow audiences each and every week around the world with his superb mixing skills as a live DJ. In this time King Street has also seen its share of successes, working with Louie and launching 2 sister labels, Nite Grooves & Street King, creating a catalog of over 1800 titles, a few mainstream chart toppers, and contributing to the early careers of some of the most world-renowned artists in House Music; namely DJ Pierre, Satoshi Tomiie, Cevin Fisher, Dimitri from Paris, Roland Clark, Blaze, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Joe Claussell, and many, many others. Louie Vega and King Street have come together once again to mark the label's 20th Anniversary. This momentous occasion is marked by a double release on CD with an homage being paid to the Master at Work himself. On CD1 Louie returned to his lab and re-worked Dennis Ferrer feat Mia Tuttavilla's smash hit Touched the Sky, and has especially created his very own intermittent Vega beat original floor fillers, namely I, II, & III, which are seamlessly mixed throughout various segments. All of the selected tunes have slight peaks and valleys with mostly even keels and steady tempos, that tug on the swaying hips ever-so deeply. Other highlights on this comp include Jon Cutler's dub of Kimara Lovelace's Far Away, Mr.V's 5 Beats Mute Pass of DJ Roland Clark's "Have A Good Time," the Kerri Chandler Kaoz 6:23 Dub of Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham's "Found Him," the Teddy Douglas Re-Edit of Pastaboys Main Mix of Ananda Project's club hit "Where The Music Takes You" and quite a number of other notables. CD2 is 11 of the Best Of Productions and Remixes he did for King St over the years. From the classics, "Souffles H," "Cassio's Theme," and to the more recent "Touched The Sky," "Lovery" and many more. Since its spawning form the days of Disco and morphing and evolving over the years into its varied styles, House/Dance Music/EDM, once considered the bastard child of the music industry, never ever went away and with 20-years etched into music history, further proof that a label like King Street Sounds and artists like Louie Vega have surely stood the test of time.
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