1. Ame - Erkk
2. Maxxi & Zeus - Passion
3. Tom Trago - Next Fase
4. CF & Daywalker - 115 bpm
5. Marcus Worgull & MCDE to Onassis
6. Roman Flugel - Duck And Cover
7. Suzanne Kraft - ESL
8. Weird Guilders - Sentimental Journey
9. Marco Passarani - White Chocolate
10. Tensnake - Bliss
11. Acoustic High - End Research - Beer and Air
12. Move D - The Incorrigible Heartthrob
13. Young Marco - In The Wind
14. Osborne - Oyasumi


CD version of this awesome comp from one of our fav music people, Gerd Janson. The Running Back label boss, selector supreme and all round top bloke selects the finest in new synth/ambient....TIP! Compilation of exciting ambient-not-ambient tracks, including exclusives by �me, Move D, Quiet Village Marco Passarani, Roman Fl�gel and Tom Trago. Musik for Autobahns is the result of asking Gerd Janson for a collection that starts where previous efforts left off. While Computer Incarnations for World Peace (his compilations for Sonar Kollektiv) concentrated on tipsy new wave music done by jazz-funkers or neo disco-ists, Autobahns has an unintentionally strong leaning towards ambient-not-ambient, kraut pleasers and codeine house, i.e. Industrial Ambient and Electrifying New Age. Its all new and exclusive material by people who once or twice crossed paths with the compiler. You will hear �me with their modular slambient concept sitting next to Amsterdams Tom Trago off peak time duties, Roman Fl�gel with an old DAT tape wunderkind that shares a side with Heidelbergs very own Move D in love, outsider dance from CF & Daywalker alias Entro Senestre and Willie Burns as well as a greasy sounding Marco Passarani and finally Tensnakes romantic pop appeal that is a counterpoint to Maxxi & Zeus (better known as Quiet Village) and their Passion for all beauties that lie beyond. This sometimes unlikely gathering is hopefully unified by its non-parochial view of dance- and living-room floors, ambient noise and its effectiveness as a soundtrack to long rides up and down the Autobahn.
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