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label:KAT (UK)

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‘Jakki - Sun Sun Sun' is the basis of 'Fun Sun Fun' with the 1976 original getting a full overhaul by Applejac and worked up into a chuggy proto House vibe with a funk yo-ass B-Line that lifts the Sun Sun Sun vocal... Expect big things on the floor with this... Rough, raw dancefloor energy aplenty on this... ‘Freda Payne - Happy Days Are Here Again' gets a tasteful touch up on 'Happy Sounds'. The percussive intro will set floors alight. ‘To The Club' sees 'Blue Magic - Welcome To The Club' respectfully edited with Applejack adding his deft touch as slightly extends and tightens things up on this 1974 Funk Soul offering.

A1:Fun Sun Fun

B1:Happy Sounds

B2:To The Club

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