SPEED OF LIFE (2LP) -pre-order-


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Wild Oats is proud to present Speed Of Life, a new record from London based producer K15. This 6 track double EP explores the idea of the sense of urgency that life can have depending on the frame of mind one is in. We encourage you take time to do some inner exploration to understand what the best use of your energy is in order to have the most harmonious experience you can have in your life. Having a good balanced life starts with the physical and mental state you are in. What we consume on all levels whether orally, visually, sonically or tactilely influences how we think, feel, and react to our environment. This record is the perfect re-calibration tool using vibration to get your mind, body, and soul back into a balanced state. All the while, having a wonderful listening experience that will warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and make you dance.

A1: Look (Beyond You)

B1: Truthfully (Featuring Kyle Hall)

B2: This Life Is All We Have

C1: Movements Of Joy

D1: Eternal

D2: Speed Of Life

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