THE HIEROPHANT -pre-order-


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Solune real name Etienne Dauta hails from France, the son of a record store owner father and artist mother. He moved to Berlin 6 years ago and for the last 3 years co-ran the Bass Cadet record store. Solune has just released one EP in his short career on the Bass Cadet imprint but is also is one half of the Arcarsenal duo who also released on the label. The EP kicks off with the mighty 'The Vision', a majestic New York inspired atmospheric stomper combining both spiritual and techy vibes that you can imagine hearing pumping out over the system at The Sound Factory or Shelter. 'Sacred Smoke' is a hazy, languid percussive workout that will sound perfect early doors to build the tension. B1 'Rhythm School' does what it says on the tin and is a warm, driving housey cut. We wouldn't make these comparisons lightly but this sounds like a long lost Ron and Chez track to these ears. Last up is the exotic and mystical 'Idiom Of Peace'. 'The Hierophant' EP is a stunning EP of different flavours and a perfect addition to the Secretsundaze catalogue.

A1: The Vision

A2: Sacred Smoke

B1: Rhythm School

B2: Idiom Of Peace

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