DANCE FICTION -pre-order-

label:ART FEAST (UK)

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Dance fiction is a little bit more than just a various artists EP. Anaxander, Quell, Kresy and Klaaar team up for a truly house music records. This house music record, made for the floor, is the result of the friendship between the Art Feast crüe and artists that have played at our endless parties in our beloved city of Lyon. Long nights, eating some of the finest local food, dancing, drinking, and having a good time together. Anaxander opens with « Downtown », a smooth percussive track with a deep pad, that takes us to the early hours in the motor city. Comes after «Croix-Paquet » by Art Feast Record's boss Klaaar, built around an urgent analog synth loop and driving pads. On « Sailing Jack », Quell is at his most intense, with swigging drum patterns, hypnotic piano loops and a bass line that definitely bringing the floor in a peak-time mood. Kresy closes this EP with « Ally », an exemple of heavy bass and raw drum patterns with a straightforward and efficient sample idea. This is what we call Dance Fiction, a simple story of friendship and love of dance music.

A1: Downtown

A2: Croix-Paquet

B1: Sailing Jack

B2: Ally


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